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BOA V.I.P. Club


FIGHTER SYSTEMS is proud to sponsor the BOA V.I.P. Club. This social club was created three years ago as a team. Today we're changing it to a Club. BOA V.I.P Club is for our clients and all Airsofters out there who want to be part of the community. The main goal of the club is to put together players by giving them access to resources to plan games, events and all year long in store and online discounts. All that by using this page and the social media like facebook.

How to become a member ?  

By paying the membership fee (yearly), create an Account on this site with your complete information, Like the Fighter SystemsBoa V.I.P. Club facebook page and buy you membership here.

Why would I want to be part of the BOA Club ?

The Club help players to organise games and events.
You get Access to exclusive training days by professional at a discounted price or FREE.
Be the first to be notify on promotions and latest news about products.
Always FREE Shipping

What do I get in return from being a member ?

When your subscription is approved (verify) you will receive three PVC velcro patches. One showing that you're a member of BOA Airsoft Club (Back), the Fighter Systems Canada flag (Arms) and the FS Spear.
10% Discount all year long (Conditions may apply)

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