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Arcturus AK-74u Custom AEG Airsoft Gun

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The Arcturus AK06 Airsoft AEG is a compact futuristic AK rifle for the modern airsofter. This rifle packs in so much quality and innovation into a full metal package you won't believe it. Prepare yourselves for the evolution of the AK rifle.

Inside of this AK lies the secret to it's great performance. The AK06 boasts a legendary level of quality inside and out with full metal CNC parts including the cylinder, receiver and outer barrel. This gun is also sporting a 6.02mm tight bore barrel for improved accuracy, steel mag catch and selector, as well as full steel rack piston! A Microswitch trigger is also included for ultimate trigger response!

A full metal body with picatinny rail equipped gas block contains the monstrous internals. The M-Lok handguard allows for immense customization options by either bolting accessories directly on, or using a picatinny rail segment to add your other parts and pieces as you see fit. Customize your gun directly for the task at hand! This gun even uses a compact style stock to keep your profile small and stealthy.

The AK05 includes not one but TWO magazines as well. One is the standard 330 round hi-capacity magazine, while the other is a bit more special. The second magazine is a mid capacity magazine capable of switching capacity from 30 rounds of real capacity to 130 round mid capacity size with a switch on the magazine housing.


  • Full CNC Folding Stock
  • QPQ Finished Steel Construction
  • One-Piece CNC Aluminum Outer Barrel
  • Quick Spring Change Gearbox
  • Advanced Trigger Microswitch
  • (ARCTURUS RS™ Performance Kit Pre-Installed)
  • PCP Grade Precision Inner Barrel
  • CNC POM Nozzle w/O-ring
  • CNC Steel Cylinder Nozzle
  • Amass DEANS T Plug
  • 15AWG Wiring