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Armorer Works VX7110 Black

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AW Custom™ is proud to announce the VX7 Series Pistols, a brand new range from VX Series. Featuring a lightweight polymer frame with stippling textured grip, it comes with three styles of serrated slide which is pre-cut to be optics-ready.


  • 3 styles of aggressively serrated optics-ready slides
  • Comes with 4 changeable optics base plates (RMR etc)
  • Comes with VX Series Suppressor Height Sight Set
  • Dummy sight included
  • Redesigned nozzle and blowback unit for better air-seal performance 
  • Reengineered Magazine to be compatible with the new nozzle design
  • Innovative lightweight polymer frame
  • Stippling textured grip with trigger guard groove
  • Ultra-light recoil, and crisp, agile blowback cycling
  • AW Custom™ logo engraved on the outer barrel
  • Threaded outer barrel ready for mounting compensator or silencer
  • Integrated accessory rail for mounting flashlight and laser

Package Gross Weight: 1060g
Pistol Length: 198mm
Pistol Height: 135mm
Pistol Weight (No Mag): 470g
Magazine Weight: 270g
Inner Barrel Length: 93mm