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Double Bell AKS-74U AEG Airsoft Gun

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  • 1:1 scale High simulation Electric AEG .
  • AK-74U short type flash hider and barrel design
  • Full steel body and real wood handguard construed with great hand feeling
  • Handgrip construed by Solid Nylon
  • Quick spring change gearbox
  • The metal front and rear sights are adjustable
  • Open bolt to adjust the Hop-UP system
  • Comes with 300 Rounds AK type hicap magazine .
  • Foldable Stock can handle both CQB and mid range shoot situation
  • Sporting a metal gearbox with 8mm an aluminum piston head .
  • Shoot out 400fps in using 0.2g Bbs
  • Accuracy is also awesome out to 150 feet


  • Length: 498mm/735mm
  • Barrel Length: ~150mm
  • Hop-up: Adjustable
  • Shooting Mode: Semi/Fully Automatic
  • Gearbox Type: V3
  • Materials: Steel (Body) / Real wood (HandGuard) / Solid Nylon (Handgrip)