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SKU EC-CT-KR Light Weight Airsoft Mil-Sim Essential Red Magic Ice Towel "Dead Rag"

After a long day out in the field smoking baddies, you too may be feeling a little smoked yourself. The solution to get you back in the fight? The Magic Ice Towel "Essential" dead rag. Specially designed and engineered to keep you cool in the field, Magic ice towels are made from a proprietary cotton / synthetic blend that retains moisture and utilizes a specialized weave to encourage airflow, providing a cooling sensation. The Magic Ice towel will not only keep you cool, but pulls double duty as a dead rag, ensuring that you can easily mark that you are "hit" and avoid the pain and suffering associated with not having a dead rag.


  • Designed to keep players cool in the field utilizing moisture retention and evaporation
  • Lightweight weave construction increases absorption and airflow
  • Black on one side, red on the other allows for use without marking yourself as "dead"
  • Fits in most pouches and shirt and pants pockets
  • An essential piece of kit for all Airsoft games
Dimensions: 28" x 8"
Color: Red / Black
Material: 50/50 cotton poly blend