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ExFog Glasses & Goggles Anti-Fog Fan with Headband Mount Kit

by ExFog
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SKU KZ-3702-H


  • Anti-fog fan system that is compatible with most googles / eye pro available on the market
  • Low profile, light weight
  • High impact, self contained unit made w/ Lexan Polycarbonate to survive hits from Airsoft and Paintball and impacts from falling
  • Rechargeable battery
  • One button variable speed control allow you to dial in your preferred air flow or noise level
  • Compatible with almost any form of eye protection
  • Comes with the headband mount

ExFog AntiFog Unit. This light-weight, compact Antifog device will make fog an issue of the past. For anything from paintball and airsoft, to skiing, construction, manufacturing, household work. Truly almost anywhere there is a need to rid your full seal safety goggles of fog buildup.

(Zach: Honestly, if you're thinking about buying the kit, just do it. It's probably the most usefull product we have at the shop. Out of 100+ people who bought the unit, about 2 persons were not fully satisfied and one of them was because of a bad installation.) 

Batteries: Built-In Rechargeable
Package Includes: ExFog Fan Pack, Headband, Manifold, Tubing