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G&G G2 Mosfet Wire Assembly

by G&G
SKU G-11-101


  • Extra fire modes (semi, full-auto, 3-burst, 6-burst).
  • Magazine cut-off feature.
  • Smaller Mosfet.
  • Chip might be red instead of blue

Beeping code:

  • Continuous beeping: The motor couldn't turn. Either the GB is jammed somewhere or the motor isn't strong enough.
  • 1x Beep: Low voltage. Charge or change your battery. If not, check the wire assembly.
  • 2x Beep: Sector gear is in a wrong position. Disconnect the wire from the connectors that are close to the gearbox, reconnect them and see if it works again. If not, see a technician for a further diagnostic.
    Motor is not functionning anymore. Replace the motor and see if the issue has been fixed.