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G&G GC7A1 AEG Airsoft Gun

by G&G
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Model: C7A1
Muzzle Velocity: 375-385 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 350 rounds
Color: Black & Green
Package Includes: Gun, One Magazine, C79 ELCAN Replica


  • Full Metal Upper & Lower Receiver
  • Front Triangle Sight Tri-Rail
  • Anodized Matte Finish
  • G&G Top Tech Upgraded Internals
  • 8mm Ball Bearings
  • Solid Polymer Full Stock
  • Thermold Ergonomic High Capacity Magazine
  • Includes G&G C79 ELCAN Optic
  • Flash Hider is Compatible with G&G QD Mock Suppressor
  • Canadian Leaf Logo on Lower Receiver

The C7 is a Canadian assault rifle variant of the famed AR-15. It is very similar in look and function to the M16A2 since it was development in parallel to it. Adopted by the Canadian Armed Forces in 1984, the C7 and its variants have seen use with the United Kingdom Special Forces and Royal Military Police. Originally manufactured by Diemaco, the current C7 rifles are being built by Colt. 

G&G always brings you the most innovative product. G&G not only creates replicas of real firearms, but also pushes their R&D team to develop more features and ergonomic designs to meet a variety of demands from airsoft players. G&G offers industry leading manufacturer warranty coverage of up to 60 days. They stand behind their quality and test every rifle before shipping. Customer service is the driving force for G&G. They offer the best value and never cut corners to produce high quality products. 

The G&G GC7A1 Main Battle Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun is a great option for a long range battle rifle load out. It is part of G&G's Top Tech line, meaning it features a full metal body and upgraded internals. Every part that would be metal on a real C7 is metal on the G&G C7A1, just as every part that would be polymer is such. The top rail will accommodate the included G&G C79 ELCAN replica optic. The front sight sight features a tri-rail module that allows the installation of lasers, flashlights, and other tactical accessories. The included flash hider is compatible with the G&G QD Mock Suppressor. Internally, the G&G C7A1 features G&G's high performance gearbox. Reinforced gears, piston, and 8mm ball bearings offer a longer lasting airsoft gun while still being able to perform exceptionally well on the field. Overall, the G&G GC7A1 Main Battle Rifle is a great new addition to G&G's already impressive lineup of M16 style airsoft guns.