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Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Sniper Upgrade Power Spring

by Laylax


  • Spring steel construction for high quality and consistent performance
  • Helps improve the overall accuracy of your rifle through having a more stable spring
  • Naming convention follows meters per second (with a 0.20g BB), allowing you to quickly reference how strong a spring should be
  • Color-coded for quick reference in a parts bin even if you lose the packaging

This spring boasts high quality and stable performance with carefully selected materials. By stabilizing the performance of the spring that generates the power to fire BB bullets, the accuracy of hitting is improved. By color-coding each spring tension, you can check which tension spring is included when customizing.

SP spring rates are based on the rough meters per second on a 0.2g BB for VSR-10-based bolt action sniper springs. You can expect roughly 100 M/S (328 FPS) +/- 5 m/s on a MS100 spring. m/s or FPS can vary considerably due to your entire build setup, so please keep this in mind when choosing your springs.