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SRVV SURPAT 3D Map Pouch (A4)


Multi-fuctional map pouch (A4)


Features include:
● Mounts via M.O.L.L.E.
● VELCRO panel (12,5 cm x 10 cm) for attaching patches
● Main compartment closed on zipper

Insides of the pouch:
● 2 pockets for pens/pencils/markers (3 cm x 8 cm)
● Pouch for compass/protractor
● Big pocket can be used as a pocket for notepad (14,5 cm x 11 cm)
● 4 different size rubber bands for attaching erasers/small flashlight/curvimeter/GPS navigator
● Removable map case is attached to main compartment via velcro

Dimensions of pouch: 19 cm x 16 cm x 2 cm
Dimensions of map case: 33 cm x 46 cm

The picture shows the original SURPAT camouflage, while the item is in SURPAT 3D camouflage.