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Maple Leaf SUPER Silicone Hop-Up Bucking


The Super bucking has a narrow entrance for more accurate shooting styles. The new Super Silicone version features the same design aspects of the "Super" line of hopup rubbers, but now made with silicone for improved performance.


  • Slightly narrow entrance for better sealing to achieve more consistent power output
  • Special pressure point geometry reduces inconsistency between shots for more predictable trajectory and longer distances
  • Suitable for Marui compatible Airsoft AEGs
  • Super bucking works best with heavy weight BBs (0.40g+)

50 degree: Up to 360 FPS
60 degree: 300 to 390 FPS
70 degree: 360 to 460 FPS
80 degree: 480 FPS and above

Compatibility: Most Airsoft AEG rifles
Material: Silicone