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PTS MEC V-Shape Piston Head (Pack of 6)

SKU ME113450300

The MEC V piston head set for GBBP is an improvement over the stock pistol piston head, especially those with metal slides. This rubber piston head is designed to improve the airtightness and withstand high impact pressure.
The “v-shape” ramp cut at the base of the inner wall of the piston head provides fast responsiveness on air-sealing. The better sealing that the MEC V piston head provides translates to better felt recoil and noticeably better gas efficiency.

The package comes with three piston head sizes:

  • 14.20–14.40mm
  • 14.40-14.60mm
  • 14.60-14.80mm

They can fit into multiple GBBP models with 14mm to 15mm nozzles. Each size also comes with two different hardness, the black one (60 degree) for colder weather or for use with regular power gas and the purple one (70 degree) for warmer weather or use with high power gas.