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Valken Thunder V CO2 Sound Grenade Dumbbell Shell (Pack of 6)

by Valken
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SKU 10157

The Valken Thunder V2 Co2 Sound Simulation Grenade Shells are the next generation of Valken Thunder V sound grenades. This airsoft simulation grenade shell and emits noise only when used in conjunction with the Valken Thunder V2 Core (sold separately). Designed to mimic the loud “bang” of a tactical “flash bang” grenade, these replacement shells are compatible with 12gram Co2 cartridges that, when the core’s pin is pulled, fill the shell with Co2 and then approximately 3-4 seconds later it ruptures, creating a 130 decibel bang certain to distract and disorient opponents. We recommend using our Valken Thunder V2 Co2 Sound Simulation Grenade Core.

Due to the nature and intended use of this item Valken Thunder V products and Thunder V associated accessories are not covered under any warranty, expressed or implied.