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SKU 31048


  • Durable, cold-resistant brass construction
  • Plated "head" provides extra reliability
  • Anti-freeze 70 degree O-ring
  • Replaces the stock injection valve on your gas airsoft replica
  • Works in a wide variety of brands and models, including Elite Force GLOCK, Hi-CAPAs, EMG BLUs, and more!

Parts Reference for popular models:

GBB M9 #78
GBB Hi-Capa #83
GBB 1911 #83
GBB P08 #91
GBB M4 #168
GBB M14 #121

Compatible Brands: HFC, KJW, WE, Socom Gear, CQB Master, M9, Dark Hawk, P226, P229, HI-CAPA, 1911, SCAR, M4, P08, PDW, M14 and other compatible models following the WE main stream Gas Blowback system magazines