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AI Tactical AR500 Ballistic Steel Training Plate (Set of 2)


NOT BODY ARMOURS! THESE TRAINING PLATES ARE NOT TO BE USED AS BODY ARMOUR! These plates are not spall coated. Using this product as body armour may cause injury or death.

Due to its weight, this product requires an additional delivery charge. Please send us an email at with a full delivery address to inquire a shipping quote.

Proudly Made in Canada.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your training routine, we got just the thing for you! Our Training Plates will put your physique to the test by adding extra 3.4 kg of Level III AR500 Ballistic Steel to your body weight, therefore adding additional challenge to your workout. AR500 Ballistic Steel makes these training plates more durable than other options available on the market today.

These training plates are a great buy for LEO and military personnel, as it will allow them to get used to the weight and feel of body armour without risking damaging their ballistic plates, making them unusable.

Because these training plates are made from AR500 Ballistic Steel, they can take whatever you throw at them. No matter how intense your workout is, the ballistic steel will continue to perform. 

If you have had enough of a workout, you can hang these as targets throught the 1/4" hole at the bottom and train with them as shooting targets. As shooting targets these can handle up to 7.62x51mm NATO.  If using as a target be aware there is always the potential for ricochets , and be sure you are far enough away from the target with all the appropriate protective equipment on at all times.


  • Proudly Made in Canada
  • AR500 NIJ Level 3 Rated Ballistic Steel
  • Compatible with any Plate Carrier that fits SAPI M (10x12) plates
  • Powder Coated for extreme outdoor durability
  • Drop Resistant
  • Can be used as shooting targets