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G&G OEM Helical High Torque Gear Set

by G&G
SKU G-10-012

The G&G Hyper Torque gears are perfect for upgrading your gun to use a high FPS spring. The Helical gear design provides maximum torque while maintaining perfect alignment. This provides reduced wear and tear compared to standard gears when used in high FPS guns. Each gear is CNC machined to allow for superior quality and perfect alignment when properly shimmed. When upgrading a gun to a higher FPS it is highly recommended to upgrade other components such as your bushings, motor, piston, piston head, and cylinder head to withstand the power of an upgraded spring.


  • Gear Ratio: 32:1
  • CNC Machined Steel for Superior Quality
  • Helical Gears for Maximum Durability
  • For use with high FPS springs