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Gate Aster V3 Basic Mosfet (Front Wired)

by Gate
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  • Features

    • The most advanced MOSFET module Gate has produced so far
    • App-based control station gives you total control for your AEG
    • Conformal coating (Military Specification MIL-V-173C) resistance to atmospheric conditions
    • Optical sensors for detecting gear cam, trigger and selector position
    • Programming via trigger allows configuration of basic functions. LED colors and vibrations indicate settings
    • BASIC firmware edition: The best for those who prefer simplicity but require highest quality. Economic version with limited number of functions
    • Multiple adjustable options include; fire selector modes, pre-cocking, ROF control, low battery warning, active braking
    ASTER is a younger brother of our famous high-end TITAN ETU, designed to give you a tactical advantage at an attractive price. Our 4th generation Control System will give you maximum reliability and protection together with tons of useful functions such as binary trigger, burst mode, active brake, and other essentials.

    One of the biggest advantages of ASTER V3 is the optical trigger sensor - the same as in TITAN V3! Unlike mechanical switches, which can be prone to faults, optical sensors are much more reliable. With an additional dongle, it enables you to adjust the trigger sensitivity with military precision. Transform your AEG with V3 gearbox into a computerized training weapon system and gain a unique tactical advantage thanks to extremely fast trigger response - up to 6 milliseconds! Give your AEG a new lease of life!

    ASTER V3 is equipped with well-known and tested optical trigger sensor, the same as in TITAN V3, optical sensors detecting gear cam and selector positions. With the GCS App, you can easily calibrate, test and adjust all sensors.

    The trigger sensor offers you even 315 possible sensitivity settings. You do not have to disassemble your replica. Just use GCS App to adjust the trigger to your preferences and level of skills. You can even activate 2-stage trigger and set two different trigger sensitivities. Pulling the trigger slightly produces Semi or Burst fire and pulling the trigger further produces Burst, Burst / Auto or Auto fire. Additionally, by upgrading firmware to ADVANCED or EXPERT version, you can even use equalizer mode. Thanks to this option, you don't need to fully release the trigger to fire the next shot. This option is really useful when the trigger sensitivity level is very high. The gen. 2 proximity trigger sensor offers the following sensitivity ranges, depending on trigger construction:
    In total: 103315 levels

    In the first millimeter of trigger movement: 138 levels

    Disclaimer: Manufacture of this product requires all owners of this MOSFET Module to update your firmware to the latest version upon receiving the product and periodically. Failure to do so can result product mal-function and injuries. Usage of radios with excessive power output beyond EU / USA legal limits can cause the rifle to fire when it is not on safety. If you do not have the USB link you may purchase here:

    What makes ASTER so special?

    • Protection against battery reverse polarity
    • Proximity trigger sensor with up to 315 possible sensitivity settings
    • Configuration of main settings via trigger
    • Configuration of all settings via Bluetooth® dongle Blu-Link and GCS App for Android and iOS devices
    • Configuration of all settings via USB-Link and GCS App for Android, Windows and macOS devices
    • Built-in RGB LED for easier programming
    • No modification of gearbox shell needed
    • It has innovative optical sensors instead of mechanical switches, which can be prone to faults
    • Optical gear cam sensor supporting all types of gears such as: Infinite Torque-up, DSG, SSG, 19-tooth and standard
    • Binary trigger function as a basic function
    • Premium level functionality at an affordable price

    GATE Control Station app

    ASTER and GATE Control Station give you total control of your AEG. The GCS offers you the option to:
    • Connect your ASTER with GCS App via Blu-Link or USB-Link and get a total control of your AEG.
    • Set trigger sensitivity exactly as you like
    • Use pre-cocking to gain a trigger reaction similar to a real gun
    • Try out ROF control, magazine simulation and dozens of other functions
    • Update and upgrade firmware
    • See the BB counters and statistics
    • Perform diagnostics and send reports

    ASTER is available in 3 firmware editions: BASIC, ADVANCED and EXPERT.
    • BASIC: The best for those who prefer simplicity but require the highest quality. Economic version with limited number of functions. If you decide to have more functions, there is always an option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED or EXPERT.
    • ADVANCED: The best for those who like complex solutions. Advanced version with wide variety of functions. It enables access to the Statistics and ASTER World Rankings.
    • EXPERT: The best for experienced airsofters. Vast diversity of settings and options combined with maximum configuration capabilities allow you to prepare for the most demanding mission


    Compatibility: Fits most Version 3 Airsoft AEG gearboxes
    • ASTER V3 is not compatible with replicas equipped with Arcturus gearboxes.
    • ASTER V3 is not fully compatible with Tokyo Marui NGRS gearboxes.
    • In G36 replicas, ASTER LED lights are not visible due to body design. Programming and adjusting the settings can be done by following vibrations or by connecting with GCS App.

    Maximum Operating Voltage: 12.75 V (LiPO 11.1 V)
    Minimum Operating Voltage: 3 V
    Absolute Maximum Voltage: 17 V
    Package Includes: ASTER Module with BASIC firmware edition, "Programming via Trigger" Card, Installation Guide, Quickstart Guide

    How to update firmware:
    -plug Aster battery connector into USBlink and connect USB into Cell phone or PC with the GCS app installed
    -Go to Status panel and select the most current firmware version
    -if not already installed, click "update". this process should take ~2 min to install. all of your previous settings will be saved

    NOTICE! In order to configure ASTER via GCS app, you need the USB-Link or Blu-Link which is not included in the kit.

GATE does not guarantee the compatibility of mosfets and ETUs such as TITAN or ASTER with brushless motors. Connection of a brushless motor can cause immediate damage to the device, motor and battery, that is not covered by the warranty and can lead to a fire.