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[PREORDER Sept. 2024] Gate x Arcturus Trinity Armament Training Rifle w/ Gate Titan II Bluetooth MOSFET AEG Airsoft Gun

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This is the world’s first AEG training replica series straight from the factory with a pre-installed TITAN II Bluetooth® and magazine & bolt-catch sensors. TRINITY AEG training replicas are aimed at anyone with their primary focus on response time and cycle speed. Elevate your airsoft experience to new heights with our cutting-edge technology. Experience true realism with the bolt-catch feature, mirroring real life action as it detects your press of the bolt-catch button. Customize your gameplay further with adjustable magazine capacity limits, while our realistic magazine function ensures authenticity by blocking shooting when the magazine is removed. The reinforced gearbox includes the brand new GATE TITAN II Bluetooth®, GATE CNC made parts such as the adjustable Nova Trigger design-based trigger, Protector Cylinder Head, High Speed Piston Head, Bolt-Catch and Magazine sensors. The most advanced and user-friendly GCS app lets you access a multitude of settings and configurations like binary trigger, trigger sensitivity, ROF – live via Bluetooth®. You can even use a remote trigger on your smartwatch. When you purchase the TRINITY training replica, you receive a calibrated and tested system. Step into the future with the most advanced technologies available!

Why Trinity Armament replicas stand out

  • Realistic training platform – Electronic bolt catch release working in conjunction with a magazine sensor. This allows real capacity magazine drills for shot count simulation and training events.
  • High performance replica using components researched and designed in-house.
  • CNC manufacturing for unparoled performance and durability.
  • Titan II Bluetooth® inside with full compatibility with the GATE Ecosystem, such as STATUS or a smart watch.
  • Simple management of the replica’s settings via smartphone and the GCS App via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • TRINITY ARMAMENT offering an advanced AEG that is versatile for use as a training tool or giving the player an edge in day-to-day play.

Made by Arcturus, this replica features

  • ARCTURUS RS™ 23TPA High Torque Neodymium Motor
  • ARCTURUS RS™ 13:1 Steel CNC Wide Use Gear Set
  • ARCTURUS RS™ Nylon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Piston with 14 MIM Steel Teeth
  • ARCTURUS RS™ CNC Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide
  • ARCTURUS RS™ Steel QPQ Precision 6.02 AEG Tightbore Inner Barrel
  • ARCTURUS AR MOD1 WKS LBC Stock / Slim Stock
  • ARCTURUS AR MOD2 WKS Hand Stippled Style Pistol Grip
  • ARCTURUS AR MOD1 WKS M4/M16 30/130Rds Variable-Cap Windowed EMM Magazine

Airsoft Length

GA-TA01 & GA-TA01P

  • Buttstock fully collapsed: 28.5"
  • Buttstock fully extended: 32"
  • Outer barrel length: 10"
  • Front length: 11.5"

GA-TA02 & GA-TA02P

  • Buttstock fully collapsed: 32.5"
  • Buttstock fully extended: 36"
  • Outer barrel length: 14"
  • Front length: 15"

GA-TA03 & GA-TA03P

  • Buttstock fully collapsed: 24.5"
  • Buttstock fully extended: 28"
  • Outer barrel length: 6.5"
  • Front length: 8"

Enhanced whit Gate Titan Bluetooth MOSFET

The brand new TITAN II Bluetooth® for V2 GB is the GATE flagship Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) with built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology gives you direct access to TITAN II Bluetooth® settings, AEG telemetry, and the ability to use your smartwatch, STATUS, and other future devices of the GATE Ecosystem. The innovative gear sensor not only counts gears, but also, as the first one in the world, determines the direction of gear rotation, offering you the most precise cycle control in AEGs. The mind-blowing optical trigger sensor allows you to set the hair trigger with ludicrous precision: even 50 sensitivity levels for the first millimeter of trigger movement, keeping TITAN V2 sensor advantages. TITAN II Bluetooth® is equipped with a multifunctional port ready for connecting additional accessories such as the bolt-catch and magazine sensors, tracer in the hop-up chamber, and more.

Gate Titan Bluetooth Specifications

Supply Voltage Range
3.75-17 VDC
Rated Current
30 A
Current Consumption
27 mA
Low Power Mode
100 µA
Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy
Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness)
47.2 mm x 28.9 mm x 14.5 mm
Finished Product Weight
28.2 g
Operating Temperature Range
min. -15° C, max. +50° C
Relative Humidity
≤ 80%
Programmable power supply with eFuse
Connect additional accessories such as hop-up chamber tracer and electric magazines
2x Multifunctional Port
Connect additional accessories such as bolt catch, magazine sensor, external trigger and selector sensors
Compatible Accessories
-Power supply cable (GEL BLASTER/Electric Magazine/Tracer)
-Cable for single solenoid HPA
-Cables for dual solenoid HPA
-Divider ready for connecting many accessories (you can connect 1x power supply cable and 2x I/O cable)
-Universal I/O cable for max. 2 DIY accessories (Bolt-catch, Magazine sensor, Flashlight)
-Bolt-catch with button and cable (ready to connect)
-Magazine sensor with cable (ready to connect)

The Gate Control Station (GCS) offers you many options
-Control your airsoft gun from a smartphone with Android, iOS and PC with Windows or macOS
-Get real-time data from your smartwatch (with Wear OS or watchOS) to reinforce your tactical decisions and get the advantage necessary to win
-No more surprises with an empty magazine or a discharged battery
-Easily adjust the TITAN II Bluetooth® settings during the game
-Update and upgrade firmware
-View the BB counters, electrical measurements, and statistics
-Perform diagnostics and send reports
-Get the latest news from GATE Enterprise